Dorothee Kutzner (LLD), attorney at law and mediator, represents the interests of employers, works councils and employees. She is a Certified Specialist lawyer for employment law (Fachanwältin für Arbeitsrecht).

She offers client-centred, comprehensive and effective advice and support in the following areas of specialization:

• conclusion and amendment of employment contracts

changes / actions in the course of the life-cycle of an employment contract, e.g. relocations, written warnings or curtail of wages

employees‘ rights, e.g. holiday entitlement, continued remuneration in case of illness, maternity leave, payment of overtime

• part-time employment, parental leave and other atypical situations

dismissals including advice on protection from dismissal (for expectant mothers, parents on parental leave, registered disabled workers,
  elected members of a works council etc.)

• negotiation of termination agreements

certificates of employment (Arbeitszeugnis), including drafting, evaluation and improving

litigation pertaining to employment law

Moreover, she advises works councils and employers on matters related to the Works Constitution Act.